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Happy 1.11.11

So, the Sartorialist is in Seoul?

This woman encapsulates everything about Korean fashion. Good fit, looks good overall – you can’t complain about their lack of effort though it usually looks casual and sans effort. But at the same time, none of it is really artful. I mean, an orange belt with a gaudy gold logo with an all black outfit which covers about 6 different trends at the same time. You know she was affecting something.

On the other hand, the ┬áTory Burch is almost unexpected in this context thanks to her 1) not caring about the usual association we’ve come to have about TB 2) not knowing about them. A “fashionista” in the US who would concoct that all black outfit would shun Tory Burch for those associations, ya know? I don’t know how much of a pro it is, but I mean, down with the rules right?

It could also just be that unique Korean inclination to wear as much “luxury” items as possible. Koreans are not shy about their love for logos, maybe only second to Chinese people who go back to the motherland for vacation. I wonder if her Fendi bag is real, but that’s a spiteful speculation at best.