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drunken observations

Finals are coming up, so my life will be reduced to library, frozen spinach, and reading outlines until I pass out. Oh, and coffee, lots of coffee. Before I enter the semi-annual cocoon of misery, I attended the annual APALSA dinner. APALSA, for those of you without the good fortune to be at one of the nation’s many excellent institutions of legal education, stands for Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, alias for a safe community for shy Asian guys who over extend to over compensate. I’m joshing, I actually adore APALSA and the other ALLSAs. They have been indispensable in my first year as 1) I am incapable of making friends 2) they took me in 3) they are actually all excellent people.

The dinner was a quasi-professional event. Quasi-professional because on the one hand, the dress code was business casual; on the other, it was cocktail (I erred on the side of a short dress). On the one hand, many authority figures, like judges and Dean of the Law School were in attendance, on the other, I got shit-faced.

A few things I learned:

Mixing Patron shots with Jameson is not the way to go.

Dorks who are uncomfortable with the label will never grow out of talking up how hard they party and how much they drink. Never. Ever. They also have nothing else to talk about.

It’s sad how thin that veil of I’m trying too hard is.

“Have you ever dated a Korean guy?” Is a perfectly pertinent question from an alum, see, quasi-professional. Now, is patronizing a woman a product of entitlement from being a lawyer or just being Korean?

Middle aged white men who come to a place like Pranna on a Thursday night for beer are generally creeps and will never grow out of being creeps.

You sometimes have to look at a picture of an ugly baby fresh out of delivery still bloody, because the guy just bought your friend a drink.

It’s not ok to say, what the fuck is that, even if you didn’t know it was his baby.

Men are really impressed by a woman drinking whiskey; not as impressed by a woman in law school.

I am really bad at “networking”.