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Don’t ask don’t tell

Can I get something off my chest? I hate talking about current events and politics but I mean.

1. The conservative Americans need to drop it. Like, isn’t it obvious? You’re the ones who want the war and yet you can’t have the decency to respect choices of men and women who want to fight the war you want? Unless you want to go get got, then stfu.

2. It is stupid to be pushing for this policy, because, as a gay man/woman in an American military, do you really want to be openly known as such? You know the kind of dudes who fight in the army right? Realistically speaking, I get your ideals and you should be equals but repealing this act is not going to automatically create a military without bias. Let’s be serious for a second.

someone please help me out here.


Major verbal vomitage coming up

Prop 8 was over turned, people were overjoyed, Gaga made new music, somewhere in there the words “democracy is restored” are thrown around in celebration.

Except, “democracy” is how Prop 8 went into effect in the first place. Democracy is supposed to give a voice to informed people; it’s supposed to allow everyone the chance to make an educated choice. Except in the American dialogue about democracy, “informed” and “educated” are always missing. If Stalin and Mao ran socialism as an ideal into the ground, Americans will be the ones to run democracy into the ground. Suffer no illusions, this is a plutocracy operating under the guise of democracy with thanks to Sarah Palin’s fans. The ones being manipulated are the ones who think they make any difference. It’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

Isn’t it funny that the main argument against same sex marriage is based on religion and yet the same people would argue against a mosque on Ground Zero “to keep religion out of it”? It’s called hypocrisy. I usually get embarrassed when I realize I’ve been hypocritical about something, but OH, that’s because I have a conscience and a brain to put two and two together.  I’m sorry, is this The Tudors? We get to manipulate religion to serve varying agendas? Sorry, you’re not even sexy enough to do that.

New Yorker reviewed a new book on “Charlie Chan” this week. The review brings up an interesting point. At the height of Charlie Chan’s stardom, the US government banned immigration from Asia (of Asians only obviously, if you were Jewish taking refuge in Shanghai during WWII, it was ok to come to the US afterwards for more refuge). Why?

The obvious answer would be to look at the nature of this “interest” in Chan. The interest and the ban both reflect xenophobia at its shiniest!

But, it’s interesting, because if this Koreatown show gets picked up. Wouldn’t we be having a similar moment, what with this interest in ASIANS OMG and simultaneously this zealous anti-immigrant sentiment? zOmg…

What does it all mean…

Off that

a couple of things:


These are awesome, but they are also awful. Outside of the show from whence they came, or an extremely well executed editorial, and maybe a Lady Gaga video, these would just be atrocious. I’m sorry, please stop flattering yourself with the delusion that you can work these in real life with your True Religion jeans. If the Queen of Fierce, Daphne Guinness trot out looking like a plate of cafeteria spinach – bland and bile inducing – in the blandest version of this monstrosity, all you tricks and trannies calling McQueen about these shoes need to get lost with your bandwagon, retarded, mindless sense of “fashion”. You don’t have it. At a time when the consuming mass of fashion “lovers” can’t get their faces out of Christopher Decarnin’s ass long enough to have a real thought, this flux of “appreciation” for something so not …easily accessible by the populist is just too contrived to be credible.


Before I dive in to the messery of the design, let me just say that is the ugliest model ever used in a lookbook. like, ever; the make up doesn’t help at all. So, the collection has that going for it. But then, the most wanted piece is a skeleton print dress. I’m going to let that hang for a minute.

What year is this? 1999? If you so much as contemplated this dress, you need to go ahead and slap yourself and hope that the lingering pain transforms into some sense. It’s a skeleton AND sequins. That is irony only a toothless Republican protesting health care could and should appreciate. Please, do better.

3. I enjoy all the terrible puns and jokes at the expense of Tiger/Cheetah Woods and his hohohos, but for every mocking report of the story, there is a producer trying to draw from it a *serious* segment of general implications, platitude of moral assertions, and analysis of the situation. The only thing you can establish in these talks is your own relationship insecurities. How do you gauge someone else’s relationship [to which you are not at all privy] and behavior without imposing your own values? You don’t. There is an epidemic in this country and it’s not cheating, it’s insular idiocy. Utterly devastating. I blame Twitter, there are too many tools lamenting the “situation” and asserting their moral superiority. Who died and made you king? You know what’s tragic? That people need this to serve as a platform to talk about this. Oh, let’s draw these separate unrelated incidents and call it a pattern! Let’s also, compare Elin to every other woman who has been cheated on! We can call it “history”!

4. Arrest the Salahis and shoot them both now, please. Spare me. And you know what, like I’ve said before: please stop placing the blame entirely on institutions and government. These idiots should be made subjects of derision. Americans are too comfortable celebrating and reveling in the beauty of “individual”, without realizing that most of these “individuals” have no beauty and are, in fact, very very ugly. And that’s great and whatever, go on with your delusion and dream of one day going to heaven and becoming angels, and I hope that you do, because here on earth you are all assholes. Catering to the masses, you know what it brings us? Candidates whose sell is that she is just like the “average American”. Yeah, I want an average American for v president like I want to live in a sewage.



6. Bravo is launching another show based on an asinine premise: Launch My Line, where they take a couple of joe schmoes and document the process of a collection. Because anyone can have a line these days, if you’re willing to make some drama for the camera and flash a tit or bat a lash. Because success as a fashion designer doesn’t require any skills. That is what Bravo is saying. Bravo is also saying, we can make any show about fashion, and you idiots will take the bait like a bunch of standardless bums. And, I guess they’re right.

Last but not least, my Jersey Shore nickname is “Hot Spot”. HATE ON ME.

I’m going to try to read In search of lost time, so I prob won’t update again for another year. Unless something about fin du siecle France pisses me off, in which case, I will ramble on.