The license to be assholes

I watched this kids’ movie the other day, called “ParaNorman”. It was about this little kid who speaks to dead people and he ends up saving his town from the wrath of the ghost of a persecuted witch girl who lived a few hundred years before him. He does so by telling her that it was horrible that people treated her poorly because she was different and they were afraid, but it does not mean that she should retaliate by causing such destruction on everyone around her. 

Sometimes kids’ entertainment is so profound in their simple, straight forward morals which can often be more relevant than the typical “subtext” of adult films. How relevant is that as a moral compass? Just because other people are assholes, it doesn’t mean that you should be, too. I think that’s my main issue with Edward Snowden and Chen Guangcheng. In Snowden’s case, sure, the NSA probably crosses lines with its operation, but that doesn’t mean that you risk destruction of security to teach them a lesson. You’re not God, so please get off of your extraordinary man bs. Same goes for Chen, stop playing your victim card as a cloak for what are very dickish moves. 


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