Ode to America

This morning, I felt, for the very first time, a sentimental pang of longing for US of A. If my naturalization was only ceremonial, then this moment of spirited fierte had truly ushered in a new era of citizenship (OR, perhaps, the moment only proved that as an outsider, only having been far removed from the daily systematic prejudices, disenfranchisement, and other such defects and impurities, am I able to identify with and value other American virtues, such as respect for traffic rules, for ex. But, that’s an aside. Another aside, today, my coworker, in one of those very very real, truth in jest moments, said to me, ah, but your case is quite dramatic, because you are nothing. You are not Chinese and you are not American.)

Anyway, so my point was that I felt so American that I took a detour from my morning Americano run from Costa for a Starbucks Iced Coffee. That is major, because I do protest and detest Starbucks in New York, but I was weak and hoped for half and half. Alas, I was to be disappointed on all counts.

And then, tonight, after trekking across 20 blocks in heels (that is nearly 20 street crossings with no guarantees from traffic lights), I came home to this: “That legislation, the Team USA Made in America Act of 2012, was duly introduced into the Senate and referred to committee on July 16.”

This actually happened? like, real senators sat around contemplating Olympic uniforms? Has the US become so utopian in the 2 months I’ve been gone that uniforms are now pressing matters?

On the one hand, it is moving to see the expediency of a political system when it is so moved and so compassionate about a cause. On the other hand, this is what they chose to dedicate that efficiency to?

I am not sure which is more terrifying: the gun toting Americans or the ever growing idiocy, each new layer of which never ceases to surprise with new  delights. This is just as petty as Obama exploiting the American sentiment of resentment against China by harping on Romney’s off shore investments as if it embodies an enemy of the state. Not because the opacity of Romney’s actual position (flip flopper that he is) on anything should not draw ire and that he should not have to answer for his hypocrisies (on so many issues), but to use that fact as a platform is to perpetuate ignorance. It’s wrong. Especially from Obama? Why play into that game, bro?



3 responses to “Ode to America

  1. X July 26, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    You’re part of America too! And you are most certainly NOT an idiot. So beware of generalizing about millions.

    Remember that lunacy & idiocy always get press. That doesn’t mean they represent or typify cultural norms or universally respected choices. In fact, it may be true that the more media attention something receives, the more atypical, and thus noteworthy, it seems to be to those deludedly reporting it.

    In no country are even the relatively honest & decently human politicians Not prone to pandering & bullshit. True, it’s pathetic, but it’s far from uniquely American.

    As for the person who said you were neither Chinese nor American, what a pitiable intellect. Anyone can say that you embody dome of the best qualities of each. It is correct that you are not one or the other. But that whole construct is a false duality.

    You are American AND Chinese. You are not nothing! Au contraire, you are really something! You are the rare creature who is not MERELY one or the other, but BOTH. Double blessing.


  2. Jeanne July 29, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    Your last paragraph was total win.

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