Like Louboutin’s with the red bottoms; You gotta have ’em, you glad you got ’em

I can set aside my personal grievances against bland women with no taste who step in the name of fashion and style simply based on the possession of a pair of Louboutins.  I can’t offer up any legitimate legal perspective on the lawsuit, but seriously YSL? Why? Again, I blame the machinery of fashion marketing/commercialism for confusticating style with designer “shoes and bags” – what is supposed to finish off an outfit, but thanks to trademarks and marketing have become the ultimate maker of outfits – as a consequence, making them the most lucrative sector of a brand’s sales. Why else would YSL paint the bottom of their shoes red? The shoes named are all reissued season after season and don’t reflect the brand’s seasonal designs/vision. They target same troupe of mindless women who worship at the alter of a boring stiletto with a red bottom. So why further mock the consumer by adding the same red bottom? Oh, wait. a. minute.

Nah, I think it’s really because the blue and yellow bottoms that YSLs sometimes have just don’t go with a red shoe, but still.


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