Elin for H&M

The blogosphere is all about this new collaboration between H&M and Elin whose blog I’ve been following for awhile. Interesting news for reasons other than her style merit, which is your typical Swedish minimalist blessed with Acne/Ann Sofie Back fairies. And SO MUCH MARGIELA.

1. How and why blogs or maybe the PR copy choose to peg her as a blogger rather than a stylist when – or at least, I think – she’s a stylist. I’m not sure if she was a stylist first, but I guess the whole “Blogger picked up for HM collaboration” makes for a juicier headline for all the trainwrecks who call themselves bloggers. (Oh, you mad?) Also, it begs the question: why hasn’t H&M tapped one of the editors ubiquitous on streetwear blogs to do a collaboration? Competing interests maybe? something to do with what they could put in their magazines?

2. Why did H&M choose her for a collaboration. It would make more sense than a celebrity collaboration but less sense than a designer collaboration. She is, arguably, put together and “stylish” (how much is style how much is fortune and access to pieces is debatable, but alas). She doesn’t have any leverage in terms of name fame though, which I always thought was the point of these collaborations in the first place. Does this mean that H&M will spend the money on actual quality or even more money on the campaign? I wonder what the price point will be – if it’s the same as designer series, how would consumers justify their spending? Sounds almost like when Target started to distinguish between the Go designer collections and Target “designer” collections.

Note: the collection actually looks decent, but will only be available in Sweden. #waste


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