oh you fancy, huh?

How many posts with the same pictures of the Lanvin x HM dresses does it take to drive a person insane? I’m thisclose to deleting 50% of my google reader. I get it, I just don’t need to get it 50 times. $200+ for a dress that at least 2 other girls will be wearing at any given party this season? No, thanks. Give me a Paypal/Ebay account and I can probably find you a McQueen dress for a little more. A real Mcqueen, not a collaboration polyester version.

Peep the transition: McQueen (Zappos and Saks too) just settled with Hell’s Angel. 1. I’m not the only one who’s deathly afraid of these terrorists on bikes. 2. No tears to be shed over this, because even though “fashion” lost, it’s not exactly a hindrance to creativity. Let’s be honest: McQueen is probably one brand whose accessories department is an embarrassment to the aesthetics of the establishment. Skull print everything? Is that why rappers reference McQueen these days? Illuminati? So they worship at the same banal alter of consumerist folly as teenage girls in leggings?

Sidebar: if you believe in the integrity of design and espouse copyright, you shouldn’t support monogrammed anything – whether the monogram is in the form of a “signature” image or letters. If there’s ever a point in fashion where commercialism and design are not inseparable from each other, it’s in a monogrammed _____. So don’t come talking about how you love design when you’re holding a monogrammed speedy 25. This, I believe, is the difference between trademark and copyright. Although, of course, you can’t build up a trademark without some semblance of credibility as a designer first, but how quickly they forget.


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