you don’t see just how fly my style is? I don’t see why I need a stylist

See the problem with this whole democracy of fashion movement is that it provides access to everyone with a computer. Some might argue that it is both a gift and a curse. Possibly, but in the hands of the average teenager (or adult with the mental capacity of a teenager), it’s a curse.

FYI: “styling” yourself in the morning before you go outside everyday does not make you a stylist.

Also, if you have enough to be able to afford a stylist but are still truly in need of one, you don’t deserve it. Seriously, unless you have an Oscar to accept and you need pull with Givenchy, otherwise, no.

You might argue that oh, we can change how things are done with these new platforms and tools, but you can’t even begin to reconceptualize until you have a grasp of what was going on before. Don’t just throw around the words stylist, style consultant, blogger around all willy nilly, you’re making a mockery of my decision to go to law school. That goes for Kanye, too. He’s obviously got something extra going on in his head, but is it really clever or just weird. I’m not sure it’s genius, sure, the aesthetics were pretty good and the Degas ballerinas were pretty, but genius? Does Kanye read? Double entundras, really?


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