Life is like a t-shirt

This nugget of brilliance came to me at the end of my run this morning. Basically, in every t-shirt’s life, there comes a point of perfect, delectable softness (I was wearing one such shirt on my run, it’s a maroon tee with Mos Def’s delectable face printed on it. DUH). You find yourself wearing it often, because it’s like being enveloped in love and clouds. But the affair is brief, because inevitably, a thread becomes unraveled, cottons wear out and it becomes more torn than worn. Then, you have to start all over again.

Life mimics similar cycles of wearing in a shirt to a perfect texture, at which point you try to get the most of it, but inevitably, the goodness runs out. And the holes reveal themselves and you have to stop and start over.

Or you know, I might be crazy.


One response to “Life is like a t-shirt

  1. Oskar Schell September 20, 2010 at 10:46 AM

    just to continue in your silly analogy (no offense) , what you would simply refer to as just a hole or unraveled thread another might consider character and signs of age and love.

    and that same person might take into account the fallibility of man, accept it, but for the love of said t-shirt, patch up the holes and hand-sew any undone hems. and damnitall i wish your t shirt had gaga on it. cause then the analogy might have worked well. but mighty mos…well we all know he won’t stop.

    or you know, i might be crazy.

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