I’m chuckin’ my deuces up to her, I’m movin’ on to somethin’ better

Blog stats saw a major spike in visitors on Sunday (yes, I’m a herb, I check these things), so this either means that you are reading this blog like the Sunday Times or you were expecting a birthday post.

Life gets in the way, sometimes it throws you curveballs like a Chris Brown song that you find yourself playing on repeat. Thank God for headphones – best remedy for people, like me, who have terrible taste in music. Someone said that the early 20s are the worst years of your life, and around this time last year, I turned 23 with that thought in mind. I was a Zoloft ball, having spent the better part of my year being sad, angsty and hating everyone and everything (it was really one person, but you know how that goes.) This year, in contrast (especially the last few months), I am feeling like the early twenties are the best years ever. But then again, maybe it’s the mid-20’s. Wah, wah, I’m getting so old, I can’t wait to be even older and hate my current self for whining about all of this. I’ve realized that dealing with disappointments in life and coming out it with wounds properly healed was great. Maybe I’m a little callous now as a result, and maybe that’s a little sad, but mostly I don’t have to deal with those repercussions until I’m a bitter 30 year old, right? That is except for my feeling responsible for other people’s feelings.

Until, of course, life throws you the curveball in a dream and shakes you up a bit. Inception style. It was intense and not unlike how I’ve sometimes consciously envisioned the scenario, but I moved on as quickly as I woke up. OH, I also dreamed about waking up to 6 pieces of fresh uni, which will be coming true in less than 24 hours. So take that, curveball dreams.

I’m at a good place right now, and as miserable as my 22 was, it makes me that much happier about my 23 and the great 24 to come. I’m so full of positivity and self-realization lately that I disgust myself and my outwardly humble and stank friends. ❤ But for real, what was I sweatin? I look way too good for this necklace. (c) Remy Ma.


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