There is a difference between expressing an intelligent idea and imitating intelligence with empty words.

It’s pretty disappointing when you realize someone’s just a shell for the person they think they are. Worse: they don’t even realize, because of course they wouldn’t.

Sometimes I think I am out of my mind for being so difficult, judgy wudgy and generally peculiar until I talk to likeminded people who just “get” it. (see last post). I’m really not trying to get into involved discussions about it; they’re not complicated concepts, at all. People are either too dumb or just all about intellectualizing errthang a propos how it fits in with their principles that fit neatly with their assumptions about the world. SNOOZEFEST.

Oh, oh, and re: wit, in much clearer terms than I can manage re: wit, conversations, dating, “love” in general as reflected by the quality of movies put forth. I personally feel like movie execs just put out what the people want, and if the people want formulaic scripts, then I guess this doesn’t bode well for my needs. *faints dramatically with hand on forehead*


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