The strong move quiet, the weak start riots

The moment when you realize come to terms with the fact that your friend is a bigger douchebag than you had previously cared to admit is an unnerving one.I guess I’m at the stage in life where I pussy foot around the severing of friendships unless they’ve done something egregious.

SO this weekend I got to thinking about character inconsistencies, fraudulent personalities, and personal marketing. Of course, we all have inconsistencies that can often be marked by flaws, so sure, we’re not exactly out to flaunt them. But at what point do character flaws/inconsistencies become your actual personality, which greatly contradicts your curated identity? Where do you draw the line between presenting the “best version” of yourself and having a fraudulent personality? For example, the “altruistic saint” who campaigns about charity but whose actions say selfish narcissist; the guy who kicks the nice, cater to you G who also turn out to be an asshole due to his being an insecure prick with a small heart; the “independent woman” who can’t go five minutes without talking about her man; the “nice” girl who has bitchy comments about everyone. Isn’t that exhausting? Me, sure, I have hoodrat tendencies with a pretentious, elitist streak, and maybe also enjoy top 40 way too much, but I’ve stopped trying to reconcile my love for Gossip Girl and my better instincts as a thinking human being, because why?

I say this not without some disappointment. I generally like to overestimate people (more as a tactic than an act of altruism), and as a result maybe ascribe ideas about a person that are bred out of my own expectations rather than reality, so as you can imagine that causes me a lot of grief later on when these ideas don’t pan out. I even tweeted awhile back about the inevitable disappointment you experience at some point upon making a new acquaintance. Of course, these expectations are maybe a result of what I want out of people, or maybe what I feel like is lacking in my life currently, so it may be unfair. But, most often, these ideas come from what people purport themselves to be. Lately, I’ve noticed that a lot of people say things so as to be seen as some kind of zeitgeist or with some distinction, in that sometimes they say things that bear little relevance to who they are. People who are hesitant to admit ignorance of anything no matter how trivial. Anyway, that all seems very boring to me, not to mention annoying. Constantly talking about how smart, political, indie, etc, you are? Boring. Should I blame twitter and facebook? It seems like people use these things in a different manner than I do. Whereas I use the Internet as an outlet for whatever, people take these things very seriously in perpetrating a persona. But, in reality? I have no interest in being friends with a press release.

If there is one thing that I hate, it’s hypocrites. Inconsistent people set off all my alarms, I don’t care how small and trivial the lie is. Actually the smaller the lie, the bigger the alarm. On the flip side, nothing gets me going like people who are honest about their flaws.

Or maybe I’m just having difficulties dealing with people right now. If the internet has done anything to my social skills, it’s not the deterioration of my ability to express myself in real life. But, I find it increasingly more difficult to deal with inane conversations in real life. Facebook and Twitter, while giving users freedom to be complete pricks, also allow me to X people out with amazing ease. I find myself doing that in real life, and you know what? Not so appropriate!

Also, this post is convoluted as can be, I realize. I meant to only talk about one form of inconsistency which is more or less about personality and character traits. The intellectual masquerader somehow got into the mix, but incidentally, VSB posts about the very same topic with much more clarity. I should maybe talk about that in another post. But you know what’s really been pissing me off? All the people who are trying to assert their consciousness (and implied intelligence) by tweeting about BP but, in fact, sound like vapid assholes trying to be smart.


One response to “The strong move quiet, the weak start riots

  1. Liz June 7, 2010 at 1:31 PM

    Concur, re: the general. I’d like to get the gory allegories.

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