not a proper post

But here is a link to another fashionista post, and here is my comment:

I’m not sure why the author took such a personal offense to a general statement. While I agree that Menkes is taking on a very tired perspective on the topic of blogger vs. journalists, the topic itself has certainly not been exhausted. Especially when both sides only ever present the same arguments. Bloggers are guilty of the same – in defending themselves, the tendency is to spout democratization of fashion. Cohabit the same place, sure, but journalists like Suzy Menkes/Horyn are not replaceable by the Bryanboys of the world in terms of influence, nor can print media be replaced by bloggers. Not so long as bloggers continue to put out more inane drivel than the rare substantiated post can offset, not so long as bloggers do not hold themselves accountable to proofreading – grammatical and factual, not so long as bloggers continue to revel in this irreverence for the very work toward which they aspire – fashion AND writing. The blind worship of fashion by bloggers, the regurgitation of the same takes across the board of so many blogs, perpetuate the idea that fashion occupy a vapid and superficial space of irrelevance. Commercially, bloggers do have a place, but in terms of journalism? Let’s not kid ourselves, there is a slim 1% who deserve to be heard. It is not a matter of a title of “journalist” or “blogger”, it is what you have to back it up.

Why use the fact that you’ve worked at Forbes if you are arguing against a hierarchy? Shouldn’t your job and work at fashionista be enough support for your argument if you believe bloggers have a legitimate place? It is the very idea that anyone can just grow up and be a blogger that is deluding many young people into thinking that it’s that easy.

Both traditional journalists and bloggers need to depart from their cocoons of complacent entitlement and realize that there is work to be done in their separate realms for the respect that they are currently trying to earn by attacking each other.


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  1. Jimmy March 2, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    Not concerning the fashionista thing but nice blog, I feel like your writing is has great fluidity and thought, wished your font was bigger, I almost got an hernia by hunching and trying to dephrase what you were trying to say, but anyways, glad I found your blog.


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