come to vip and get this champagne shower

JESUS CHRIST, HELMUT LANG, am I not your most loyal fan? Even after you went all room temperature water commercial? WHY can’t you get it together? You’ve been doing the same silhouette for 3 seasons, not including the half seasons. Pretty sure you’re using the same pattern for the jackets too.

Rag and Bone. Really?! This Americana plaid madness needs to end right now. Not only is it boring, it’s UGLY. WHAT?! Are you drooling over the Bowery Bum’s layering?

Ohne Titel – if I can lose 20 lbs, I’m jacking the showroom and rocking errthang all day. Ridick knits.

Preen – not to say I wouldn’t wear some of this, but yawn. Nicolas Kirkwood is literally the most pointless shoe “designer” now. The only time he tried to stray from the template, it looked like a DIY attempt to be avant garde. Give me a break.

Anja Rubik, honey, stop dropping 5 lbs every season. Your hair begs of you.

Everything else so far, in light of the loss of Alex the Great,y’all need to stop playing like this is some innovative design and werq for some respect.

Nana is still killing it. Don’t get it twisted.


2 responses to “come to vip and get this champagne shower

  1. hard liquor, soft holes February 16, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    particularly when that jacket looks like a reject from a rick owens diffusion diffusion line (riri?). word fuckin’ up.

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