“Rodarte is the fashion equivalent of a Basquiat,” she says, quoting a writer for the New York Observer. “People in the know really love it, but to everyone else it’s inscrutable or a little bit ugly.”- The New Yorker

WELL, excuse me. I am so obviously not in the industry. And why is the New Yorker such an appropriate place for bs fodder like this*? Ugh, the air and the pretention, it makes me want to check my gold pocket watch to see what era this is. People in the know really love it – best line of the year, I will commence implementing this phrase in my everyday parlance. If you feel the urge to punch me in the face for this, please berate yourself for being so not in the know.

Sometime last week, this client was in the office calling me “fashionista” no less than 15x in an hour. I was obviously deeply deeply offended, because people who call themselves fashionista wax a big sopping lyrical poem for CLOGS, because they’re Chanel. Please go dive into a pile of hay and kill yourself. kthanks.

You might be saying, well, Jae, you are totally becoming one of those stick figures with no soul who only blog about fashion. And you know, you are totally right. My year in the detention of “Girl, interrupted” is over, so less neurotic posts about nothing. YAY.

*The kind that makes you feel like less of a person for not understanding the obscure and inscrutable. Well, I, for one, hope Rodarte stays obscure. And recommending them for Schiaparelli? Really? Must be something else only understood by those in the know. YAY arbitrary arbiter of style for the unintelligent masses.


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  1. noire February 12, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    wait…i have a gold pocket watch. hmm.

    but i feel you. its all a fear thing. both sides (establishment + “independents”) are controlled by the same puppeteer. Ugly is ugly, whether lagerfeld attaches his name or not. People aren’t quite so bold to say it. (except you of course) Designers mask their crude items under the guise of couture. Its all fucked.

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