I just finished reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Also, semi-watched the movie last night; through my fatigue, I did stay awake through the “Take off your clothes, don’t worry, I’m a doctor”. ¬†Interesting thing about the idea of “kitsch“. This morning I read a post at Ignantwitted on Jay-z and his haters. There is a sense of kitsch, if I may, ironically in the context of his haters. It’s a kind of outre kitsch, which has so much irony. Why exaggerate your outlook so? Jay-z fans have taken dislike to a new level that is beyond personal preference, I feel. TO hate on Jay-z is maybe as kitsch as it is to be a hump who rocks head to toe rocawear down to s.carters. Some of these people subject his music to a view that is as much about his music as what it represents.

If you think about it, the same can be said about Obama supporters/haters.

Whatever happened to having your own opinion?


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