My texture is the best fur chinchilla

I get really cold in the winter time, like, between Dec to March, my teef is always chattering from the brickness enveloping the city, piercing through my bones and breaking down my soul. So even though it’s August, I am already preparing for the misery to come. To that end, I plan on expanding my portfurlio [hehe] this winter with a fur vest. Last winter, I had a modest fur collar and a faux fur hat, which when worn together, makes for quite a character. Since as I am not 6feet tall and a hundred pounds, I’ve vee-toed a full-on fur coat, because I’m not really into looking like a balloon.

So, last night, I was sitting in bed visualizing myself in different situations [per usual], when I thought, what if a PETA dbag comes and throws “blood” on my fur? Friends, what would you do?

First of all, if PETA is so keen on making statements, why don’t they actually stay around and make the statement? Second of all, isn’t that illegal? Or, at least, you can argue that it is? I hate PETA.


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