From hoodrat to superstar, there’s your life

“Projects” are generally a fine specimen with minor [to some] flaws that, more often, break the seal and lose the deal, unless they meet the “some” [mentioned above] and become unwitting charity cases for …well-intentioned grooming and “upgrading”.

What I think is that. Everyone’s had one, most probably in high school. You meet some guy who looks good in a white tee, light blue jeans, and keeps his uptowns jiggy; you then laugh, kiss and then maybe cop a feel and your 16 year old self is gassed off contact high. SMH. Sooner rather than later, you realize that homeboy caps out with  AF1s and that charming funk of the ‘do is not a phase. Peep the stylo you no longer dig. What do you do? Do you realize how much more about 143s and 4evs people are at 16? Not such a negative thing, people are so quick to give up now, but 16 year olds ride or die for no reason. So you start pointing out Chuck Taylors instead, you maybe get him to try them on. Maybe, you suggest a different hairstyle, hide his tub of gel before you head out the door, maybe you start talking about hair until he cuts it. You’re 16. You think you’re brilliant. And then you might even buy him a book. Until one day he asks you to look over his college app essay. And even though, you can’t, in good conscience, leave the 20+ grammatical mistakes unaddressed [not to mention the indiscreet abuse of shift + f7], soon after you wave the white flag to the greater forces at play and bolt, because some things are just beyond you. [The above is a mixture of true life events not particular to any one person]

It’s a fine line. Depends on what breaks the deal for you. Somethings are better left alone. I don’t think Chuck-ing AF1s is necessarily an unethical or non worthwhile move depending on your technique. Lack of wit, on the other hand, is not something you can remedy with a family pack of 5 for $10. There are plenty of women who are quick to argue for a “nice” guy and defend every dull, humorless, and painfully superfluous sentence that comes out of his mouth. Why? You want to suffer through these moments of boredom, in hopes of what? A lifetime of it? But that’s me, some people thrive on the lull of stability.  There are inevitable differences in tastes and values between people and actually, the difference in perspective is a beautiful thing to be shared if you can it use to for improvement.

But then again, after you split and dip, what is to become of your “work”? Or, let’s be honest, what do you hope is to become of it? Are you to take glee in seeing the slow degression into permanent stagnance? Or, are you supposed to take pride in the fresh ensembs and vocab words that are used on some next biddie now? Because real talk: shortcomings, aside for your vanity, are no consolation.

I’m not sure if being a “project” is much worse than being a “trophy on a pedestal”.


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