she gave me one more chance

Following the atrocities UO committed earlier this month in the form of money for holes,  this week the geniuses behind Urban’s “let’s hand over the world to anyone with internet access” campaign bring us a collaboration with a 16 year old with an income allowance more disposable than your average loser with a career.

Before I give you all the reasons to call me Debby Downer, I’ll say that Urban has the right attitude in embracing the movement. They’re rightfully shifting from the dictates of “fashion authority”. Blogs are increasingly influential, beyond the precarious, even for retailers, and or designers. It’s a new platform that is changing the dynamic. I’ll also say that while I don’t always love Ms. A’s outfits and shoe choices, for a 16 year old girl, she has a better grip on aesthetics and style than most other 16 year olds. I mean, she could be doing much worse with that income — Tory Burch, monograms and Juicy Velour much?

That said, Urban needs to have more discretion in the influence of blogs in their marketing, design, whatever. I see where UO is coming from, Kanye’s shoutout followed by a bevy of references by mayjah fashion blogs. PR is pretty much doing itself. But it seems a bit simplistic, doesn’t it. Just slappin her name on clumsy executions of “trendy” details. She may be able to throw together some outfits, but does that make her a designer? No, other people, called designers, did the designing for the most covetable part of her blog. Ok? There is a difference between designing and whatever it is that she does. Must be some confused FIT grads manning the helm. She dresses for herself, it is her aesthetic. Lovely as this aesthetic may be, does this make her a tastemaker for other people? Does she even have a grasp on what other consumers may want? It is such a simplification of the blogosphere. Even if she has 100 comments a day [maybe more?], there are guaranteed 100 more readers, with whom she does not enjoy such harmonious accord. Who really comments? More likely fans than the ambivalent and anti. It is just one thing to use this marketing ploy and another to [inadvertent or not] undermine the integrity of designing as it stands when there are many, many actually talented individuals who deserve a chance. It would be a much more dignified affair for designers and consumers alike to give them a chance and create better products.

I may eat my words when they sell out. But if the Olsen twins’ attempt at shoe design is any indication, I hardly think Ms. A’s nodd to Prada peep toe lace up boots and Ann D s/s 09 Laced Sandals merit so much as a bin in the back of UO. Then again if wotshisface is cakin from the Balmain for suckers, who am I to hate on Jane and UO for tryin to profit from blind, thoughtless hype?


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