Go somewhere PRIVATE and discuss fashion.

“Socialism is the Big Lie of the twentieth century. While it promised prosperity, equality, and security, it delivered poverty, misery, and tyranny. Equality was achieved only in the sense that everyone was equal in his or her misery.” – Why Socialism Failed via FEE.

I have a bone to pick.



The idea of socialism was a fail then and it is now. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself being extremely turned off by the excessive fashion blogs in my reader, my own fault no doubt, but at some point, I subscribed for a somewhat unique perspective, nowadays, my reader churns out pages and pages of the same thing. Proving once again, quality is not quantity. It’s become very vapid and mindless.

Years ago, I read this book about Seventh Avenue’s demise as a result of Madison Ave, which is to say the end of creativity in fashion as a result of marketing and commercialism blah blah. Namely, the mistake of many houses to sign a bevy of licensing deals to manufacturers to produce goods whose connection ends with their labels. The manufacturers had final say in production, quality; soon, obviously people got greedy and quality spiraled into nonexistence. See, in the beginning, it was supposed to produce easy profit for the house and make “luxury” [but really, the idea of luxury] more accessible to consumers. But actually, the practice destroyed the names that took so long to build and nurture. Even worse, it led to the demise of some, like Pierre Cardin, who was a genius, until luggage with his name on it started showing up at Wal-Mart. Anyway, brand protection. That was when I started contemplating the idea of working with Fashion Law. I’m not an expert on fashion, I don’t work in the industry, whatever. But you don’t need to be to realize that the value of an entity depreciates when the supply is produced poorly at an alarmingly high rate. Why would a designer want to continue to create more for others to profit? In the same way that mass retailers have stopped designing anything resembling a coherent body of work [there was a time when Forever 21 looked like color coded polyester hell with no resemblence whatsoever to anything “runway”], so many of these bloggers are more often than not just variations [poorly executed variations] of a theme. The idea of democratizing fashion, which may I say, at this point is more like socialism at this point, was to allow for more voices; this is on the premise that people think about their choices. But as it is, I feel like I’m hearing rehearsed and brainwashed chants of Mao’s little red bandits.It’s not that socialism was such a bad idea, but socialism’s agenda to impose. It’s not that fashion blogs is a bad idea, but this utterly mindless and pointless proliferation of the knobby kneed size -4 bishes in rags and calling it fashion. I just hate mindlessness. Like, why do it?

Like, why do I always see 4 more posts about the fugtastic Chloe Doc wedges everytime Rumi posts an outfit which includes said item of unfortunate aesthetic? IT DRIVES ME INSANE. Coincidence? Or mindless [non]decision in copying and calling it style?  How is she getting gigs styling for legit enterprises? Aren’t people at the helm of such decision making supposed to know better than to buy into her inane fodder and to follow her ignorant herd of sheeps fanbase.

Socialism didn’t se tuer, it was tué by its agents. So here, too, will all ye sloppy haired bleach loving shredding maniacs kill something dear to me.


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