So this morning, I came across this item about a “racial incident in Binghamton University”.

Racial Incident at Binghamton U

Last night following a dispute at an SA Assembly meeting, Alice Liou, the Vice President of Finance attempted to break up an altercation that occurred when SA representatives, who were also members of the conservative publication Binghamton Review attempted to leave the meeting early after electing one of their own as chair of the assembly for 2009-10. Liou, who is Asian-American was told by one of those members to “shut up and go eat a fucking dog”. The police were called, and the school newspaper (Pipe Dream) took testimony from Alice (which they choose not to print) and instead the editor moved to clear the Binghamton Review of all involvement. This, in spite of the fact that all antagonists have written for and have been involved in the Binghamton Review. The day before this incident, following an argument in the SA office, another of these individuals choose to insult Alice by expressing his amazement that she could “see anything with those squinty eyes”. It is believed that a current SA e-board member egged on this individual to make these comments. We will be holding a protest during Spring Fling, this Saturday at 2pm in front of the Cooper Administrative Building to demand that these individuals be suspended for a semester, stripped of their SA positions and sign written apologies to Alice. If you could forward this message to other Binghamton Alumni, that would be appreciated.

Calvin Prashad
Co-Editor in Chief Elect – Asian Outlook Magazine

And here is the more “official” and University paper endorsed version of it.

I sat on it all morning. I didn’t want to write about race again lest I sound like an angry bitch whining about woe is my naturally squinty eyed being. I try to dismiss individual incidents of racial ignorance as trivial, because really, you have to pick your battles. Like when that bird in Texas said that thing about Asians being hard to identify… As long as racism is no longer socially endorsed, society can’t be responsible for all individual instances of racism. Sure, this shit gets me angry, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that outrageous. People act like there is a harmoniously candy colored fog causing some kind of illusion of “post-race” utopia. When that lightning of ugly strikes, they act like they’d seen a ghost. It’s cute, everybody’s spouting equality! progress! change! Meanwhile everybody harbors some kind of ignorant mentality deep down inside. If nobody’s in the forest, and the tree falls, it DOES still make a sound, bishes. Just because no one’s saying it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Let me clarify that this post is in no way a response to the dismissible outright racist stereotype spouted in this instance; I’m much more concerned about more subtle shit. And anyway, please believe that “dog” is probably eaten because it tastes way mo better than your dried up turkey breast and steamed to shreds broccoli. Don’t be mad. [I’m kidding, we don’t eat dogs, we eat monkeys.]

That said, shit like this really gives Republicans or “conservatives” a bad rep. I’m all for the basic pillars of Republican ideals — self-reliance, minimal government regulation, staying true to the Constitution, all that cute mess. If it weren’t for the douchebaggery middle-America fanaticism with which Republicans is aligned, I would be all Republican all day, eyy day. Please believe I like my money in my closet and not supporting welfared trailer trash because they’re too busy hatin on gays, abortion and minorities to work for a living. Get it together Republicans, I don’t know why you’re wasting time humoring these mofos when you have much more important things to worry about. This is why I hate politics, these strategies for elections turn into actual party MOs. I want to vote Republican, but then that’s like raising my hand when asked who wants to get “chink” spray painted all over.

Ok, so the girl did refer to one as “whitey”, which is stupid. [As Ami said, the English language is too vast for this kind of bland language. If you have a problem with a play on words and creating new ones, please sponsor a snark 101 class and I will gladly school you.] She probably could’ve kept that to herself, true. There probably will be some kind of talk about reverse racism, which let’s please address as a moot point. I know it must be hard to be white sometimes, why else did you need to create all these racist ideas to trick others into thinking you’re superior? But that was hundreds of years ago, and thanks to that clever trick, your existence gets like an automatic hundred meter headstart in a 200 meter dash of life. So even the mere idea of reverse racism needs to stop right now. It doesn’t exist the way you think it does. To suggest that reverse racism effects you the same way that racism effects me is to FUCK with my perpetually paranoid mentality. Yes, people could have notions – positive or negative- about white people based on their being white, but these notions don’t hold power as do the racial paradigms created by white people. In addition, whatever reverse racism that happens, it is, most likely, reactionary. The only instance where reverse racism might take place is where a white person might enter a system where another group is dominant, say, hip hop or a black college. But even then, your minority status is not in subordination. Secondly, you voluntarily enter into it. To this, I can imagine a “conservative” respond by saying, then you should just go back to Africa or Asia. Yeah, let’s all go to our respective continents and pretend the last couple of hundreds of years didn’t happen. Let’s undo that one facet of globalization, which was started by Europeans and their imperialism. Can you undo all the other effects of imperialism?

During a discussion about affirmative action, this guy in one of my poli sci classes actually said, what, so if I go to China, should I get affirmative action, because I’m white? That remains to this day, one of the most memorable lines of my undergrad career. Real talk, it confounds me how people can be in college, taking classes, and still spewing out wondrous statements like that. Truly, I am against affirmative action 100%, it’s just an instrument to further cement the idea that you need a boost because you’re a minority. I want universities to institute a requirement for consciousness 101, because there are too many incidents of racial missteps in institutions of higher learning. I don’t espouse imposing a liberal worldview, I want people to learn why it’s wrong. And if you still think you’re right, please don’t bring your negativity my way.There is a difference between diverging opinions and wrong opinions.

Same goes with double standards. When a man fails, nobody ever says, oh that one failed, because he’s a man. When a woman fails, WOMEN are written off as incompetent [See ridick comments]. In the event that I fail, I want you to tell me that I suck and not categorize me as a failure due to my having a vagina. That’s right, let’s attribute more individual responsibility.

Funny thing is I used to be a lot more sensitive, but now it’s more like, oh you’re a prick, baii. As long as you can’t actually damage me, your words do jack to me. And I break sticks and stones. I could care less to actually right every ignorant person I come across. You can go on being ignorant and ugly.

I hope Alice gets an apology, and isn’t too phased by it. But all involved should cut their political careers short right now, you all clearly don’t know how to handle yourselves.


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  1. ami April 29, 2009 at 10:17 PM

    you make me sound so refined and educated…and clearly, that is all a lie…

    you’re paraphrasing is impeccable

  2. ami April 29, 2009 at 10:18 PM

    clearly my english is not…your minus the ‘re…gah, I should really proof-read my life…

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