Tell me now can you make it past your Caspers it

Breakups or the sincerely celebrated end of douchey “bad news bears” associations can generally be separated into two camps: amicable dissolution of the more cumbersome obligations to a more relaxed rapport of “I will always look at you fondly and with some affection”; absolute disregard for the existence and passing of an individual whose failure as a person is of epic proportions. Mental failure that was previously semi-justified by somewhat above normal physical epic-ness; please, I said I wasn’t vapid, not that I’m not vain and shallow.

Some people just need to not exist in my lifespace. I’m so sure of it that the only way to confirm it further is in speaking with said doucheface again. Honestly, why would you initiate a conversation with someone if it’s guaranteed to deteriorate into grade A playground verbal disturbia in ten seconds flat?

“You suck, you’re stupid, ew, bye”


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